What they said…

Some days I find that the best thing I can do is listen to or read what others in the homeschooling/unschooling world have said, rather than talk myself.

Here are a few things I listened to and read today.   In the case of the video with Pat Farenga, I just want to highlight that I love his definition of unschooling, particularly in these days of various unschooling “camps” who can’t seem to keep from criticizing each other.





And then here are some great blog posts:

Why Travel Long Term?  An Open Letter to Loved Ones

Pat Farenga on Education & Consumerism

Boredom, Creativity and How Unschoolers Learn

This last piece is from James Altucher.  I’ve read it several times and it always makes me smile.  It also reminds me that one of the best things anyone can have, but perhaps particularly unschoolers, is a sense of humor about ourselves and this crazy world in which we live.

How I Would Unschool My Kids


3 comments on “What they said…

  1. Al says:


    That’s a very moving collection. And with James’s blog in there I feel like things have reached some kind of critical, circular mass. James lived next door to us with his wife & kids for several years and I am subscribed to his blog and had read that one. And in the middle of it there’s Rihanna who I recorded for most of her first CD and part of her second one. And so here I am a self-taught (i.e. unschooled!) musician and recording engineer trying to understand what I am doing with my own kids. It just got a little clearer!

    Thanks, Amy – things are getting interesting!

  2. Al says:

    Thanks. I was thinking this: Rihanna didn’t learn to be who she is or do what she does as an entertainer in school either. Isn’t this true of many artists? A nuts and bolts review of reality might reveal that a lot of what people ultimately end up learning to do to live and work has little to do with school.

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