Coming this week….. Deconstructing Unschooling

This week I am jumping into the arena of YouTube web series or vlogs or whatever else you want to call them.  My series is titled “Deconstructing Unschooling” (or D.U.) and the first installment will go up as soon as my daughter teaches me how to do the editing!  (More likely scenario?  She winds up doing it for me.)

My plan is to keep things light, to avoid preachiness, breathiness or much talk about “energy”.    I hope it will make people smile and/or think “Hey this is interesting and if she can do it, then so can I.”

I’ll be posting links here and on Facebook and Twitter.   There will be moderated comments and I promise to approve even those who criticize as long as they don’t immediately begin calling me names.

If you have questions you’d like to see me address or suggestions for content, let me know!  If I think I can speak in an intelligent and somewhat entertaining or interesting way about it, I’ll definitely add it to the line up.

This is both exciting and terrifying.

Stay tuned…

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