When we fly away

On any given day, I can think of a lot of ways I might be a better unschooling parent to my kids.   It occurs to me that they don’t play instruments or love musical theater like many of their friends.   They aren’t wild about science and nature, also like many of their friends.

The list of the things I haven’t provided them or inspired in them is long.

But when we travel, all of those doubts fall away and I think, “Yes, this.”   This I have been able to give them and inspire in them; a love of going to new places and taking part in cultures unlike our own.

We all second guess what we do or don’t do as our kids grow and learn.   But for all of us I believe there is at least one thing that silences the doubtful chatter in our heads.   It will be different in each family, but it is golden.

Look at that when the doubts creep in.   Enjoy the smiles on your kids faces and the excitement you all share.

“Yes, this.”


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  1. Dawn says:

    I have unschooling friends who’s kids are constantly doing science experiments, others WHO are out in the woods collecting bio samples or marking snails to see which survive the winter, others who are doing creative projects toghether. In my minds eye – that was what we’d be doing as unschoolers. But fact is – my son simply just isn’t interested in those things. I also have those “Yes, this!” moments when we travel, when we visit museums or animal parks – but even just when we go to the pool or play a computer game or a board game toghether. Finding more of those moments – the big ones and small ones is what I think makes for good unschooling. Not doing what your friend is doing because it seems cool (even though taking inspiration from your friends is cool).

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