Has school started yet?

“Boy, I am so ready for school to start!”   You hear that a lot once August rolls in, and you know what?  I agree.

I am so ready for long weekday afternoons with my kids at almost empty beaches.

I’m ready for family road trips and stays in hotels at off season rates.

I’m ready for mid-day movies and our pick of the horses on the Central Park Carousel.

I’m ready to keep on staying up late and sleeping late and not having to yell at my kids to get up  and get moving so they won’t be late.

I’m ready for more books and crafting and video making and Minecraft.

I’m ready to continue living our lives as though school doesn’t exist -to paraphrase Wendy Priesnitz  – while taking advantage of the fact that for most of the country, it does.

Not that we wouldn’t welcome more families living without school.  We would!

We’ll even save you a spot on the beach.

2 comments on “Has school started yet?

  1. M says:

    I absolutely love this!!

  2. Chrissie McIntyre says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself!!

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