Going with the (ebb and) flow

The first week of August, my kids and I were in California to attend VidCon, and had a blast.   Then we came back to the city and after another week or so experienced a noticeable “ebb” of energy and activity.  We kind of sat around a lot.   Mention was made of boredom once or twice (or more).   All around us, people energetically discussed high school applications and new curricula for their kids.

We played a lot of Candy Crush Saga.

Then a few days ago, everything changed.   Projects appeared, as though out of thin air.  Motivation went into overdrive and ennui dissipated.

What happened?

Nothing, really.   We are now in the “flow” part of ebb and flow.  It’s natural, but in this hyper competitive city where – even in the homeschooling community –  an afternoon of listlessness is tantamount to treason (or at least it feels that way sometimes), weeks of “ebb” can feel like stagnation or worse, failure.

But it’s not.  In fact, in retrospect I always think that an ebb period is when we are re-charging our bodies and minds, even if we don’t know it, because the subsequent flow is usually fantastic and exciting.

Feel like things are ebbing in your world right now?  Go with it.  Enjoy it, even.  And get ready to flow.



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