NBTSC: At home with the tribe

My last post was something like nine days ago which is a long time when I’m not traveling.  Sometimes it pays to take a break.  In this case, I had nine days to absorb the weird reality that happens when your daughter goes away for the first time, out of range of all communication, and then a few more to absorb what an amazing experience it was for her.    And how wonderful it can be to go to a strange place, only to find that the people there aren’t strangers at all.

To realize you’ve found the tribe.

Not Back to School Camp was, as I mentioned in a previous post, a big leap for Maya.  First time away from home for that long.  First time away from home at all where she couldn’t call or text whenever she wanted.  First time staying in a place where she didn’t have family or a good friend along with her.  First time sleeping in the open.    The list of firsts was pretty long.

When we arrived last Sunday morning to pick her up, it was apparent that all anxiety was a thing of the past, and not just for her.  Walking around among kids of varying ages who give smiles and hugs easily there was a feeling of a large family; one that almost always gets along and for whom there are no “black sheep”.

The long list of firsts became part of a much longer list of great experiences crammed into nine days.    Too many to write here, but suffice it to say her trip to Vermont is going to be an annual event.  (You were right, Blake!)

Many, many thanks to all the amazing staff at NBTSC, especially Brenna for her encouraging message the morning after I dropped Maya off and for being her wonderful self; Mike who was Maya’s group advisor (and leader of the Zombies) and of course Grace, without whom NBTSC – “the best place on earth” – wouldn’t exist.   And what a shame that would be!

Maddie, Rhiana & Maya

Apple picking

The main building - dining room, dance hall, etc.

Art show in the main building

Playing with fire!

Music and Yared - Grace Llewellyn's son & everyone's little brother

On the lawn

Mandalay - Maya's cabin & towel drying station

Inside the cabin


hula hooping

The made up game of giant hula hoop ring toss!

Beauty on the lake; the last morning



2 comments on “NBTSC: At home with the tribe

  1. Gail HIggins says:

    This brought back my 10 year old memories of when I first took Brenna to NBTSC when she was 14. It was in West Virginia that year and we stayed in the vicinity that week because going back to Florida just was too far away and we were all a bit nervous about it all. NBTSC was a perfect fit for her and here she is 10 years later staffing there. So happy for you and your daughter. It has been such an important part of both of my kid’s lives. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Blake Boles says:

    So awesome.

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