Looking ahead

Next Fall Maya will once again be attending Not Back to School Camp.

Most of her homeschooled peers here in the city will, instead, be in the first few weeks of attending school.

The attrition rate of homeschoolers to school when 9th Grade rolls around, at least among the people we know, is really very high.

Next year we have the added phenomena of friends entering school in both the 8th and 10th grades.


We do our best to live as if school doesn’t exist, but it is impossible, especially at the moment.   All around is talk of SHSAT’s and test prep; of specialized school testing and performing arts school auditions.   Of open houses and lengthy applications and interviews.   There is an air of anticipation and anxiety and uncertainty.

At home my kids have remained very even keel amid the chaos, discussing what aspects of school they think certain friends will enjoy and what might be the challenges.   For themselves they are quite content to continue on this unschooling path we’ve created, at least for the foreseeable future.

I have an eye to spending more time on the road next Fall, as many peers disappear behind the walls of brick and mortar schools.   We have friends & acquaintances scattered across the country, and a long road trip to see them one after another might be a great antidote for what will certainly feel like a sudden dearth of available friends here at home.

Maybe we’ll kick it off right after NBTSC.   We could even offer rides to those bound for destinations southwest….  Asheville, anyone?

2 comments on “Looking ahead

  1. M says:

    How about Utah? That is southwest and I would hitch a ride!!

  2. roger dennis says:

    geez, if the kids are making the decision to go to mainstream schools, fine.

    sort of.

    but if it’s parental pressure then that saddens me. to me the teen years are especially important times to be following your own curiosities or passions, searching for one’s own answers.

    i like your trip idea.

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