A little hibernation

Ever feel like you’ve been hidden away in your own little world, oblivious of the machinations going on all around?

That’s how it has been in our family for the past few months, especially in relation to the wider world of “education” and “school”.   It’s like we’ve been hibernating.

Never have I felt more distant from the term “unschooling”,  because school?  School is so far from our reality at present that it comes across as something foreign; a country we’ve never visited and about which we have no desire to learn.   Lately I’ve stopped thinking about school, even as it applies, or doesn’t apply,  to the ‘un’schooling world.

We’re living our lives, with all that entails.  Defining it seems unnecessary – a waste of time and space that could be used doing whatever it is we are doing on any given day.

Growing, enjoying and working through challenges is all part of the whole of life.   Why break it down into pieces, label it and try to rank it by subject or grade?

Were it not for the fact of having to turn in quarterly reports, I would happily ignore the world of schooling altogether.

If you are overwhelmed, or criticized or unsure…take a little break.   Hunker down with your family and friends and let fade the white noise of the outside world and its insistence on tests, grades, SCHOOL.

Trust me, you won’t miss anything vital.   In fact, you’ll kind of gain the world.

We could all use a little hibernation now and then.

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