The movie made by homeschoolers

Someone posted this video on my FB timeline.

I’ve watched it five times this evening.

Not every homeschooled kid will become a film director of course, but the sentiment shared by Jon Erwin – that because he was homeschooled he had the flexibility to discover the thing he really wanted to do with his life – is one to which many if not all children who learn outside of school can relate.

No matter what shape your homeschooling takes – whether it is more structured or less, whether unschooling or world schooling or unique to you & your kid schooling – you are giving your child the greatest gift and no matter what challenges you face along the way, the end result is worth it.

“So to all of the home school parents out there, keep going! What you are doing is valuable. In fact, I can’t think of anything more important than investing in the life and future of your children.”   – Jon Erwin, director of “Mom’s Night Out”


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